Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

To survive our harsh Canadian winters, here is a list of a 5 essential items that help me enjoy the winter and snow:

1. Kiehls Sodium PCA Oil-Free Moisturizer / Ultra Facial Cream

With my naturally oily skin, I still feel the chapped effects of the cold, Kiehls Sodium PCA Oil-Free Moisturizer and Ultra Facial Cream for normal skin, keep my face hydrated for the rest of the day without it feeling heavy on my skin.

2. Feather anything: Feather bed, duvet and down pillow and sometimes coats.

Nothing keep me warm and cosy during the cold winter nights. It’s like sleeping in a pillow.

3. 2xist Long Underwear

Since I walk everywhere in the city, my long underwear cuts the cold and keeps me outdoors longer so I can enjoy the snow fall. It’s not your typical long johns, it actually quite sexy. LOL

4. Starbucks: Tall long Americano and Venti Tazo Passion Tea

While window shopping, I use my Starbucks as my hand warmer and energy boost to plow through the cold and crowd.

5. KFC

Souls food heals everything…even the winter blues.




Wednesday, October 27th, 2010



Crisp and fresh clothes are key to a beautiful collection. At VAWK, we rely on Rowenta, our official garment care provider, to keep our fabrics looking their best before they hit the runway. We show you how we used Rowenta to help make our Spring/Summer 2011 collection runway ready:

Cheetah Wrap: Cheetah print was a central theme in our collection. After we hand-died the print, we used the Rowenta Precision Valet Garment Steamer to help the die set and to remove wrinkles from the delicate fabric. We use this steamer, the only commercially rated steamer of its kind in Canada, everyday in our studio. It keeps our clothes looking brand new after they return creased and crumpled from shoots across the country.

Nude Zebra Dress: Stylists remarked that the model in the nude zebra dress looked just that – nude. The slightest wrinkle would have meant the loss of this effect. When this dress, and the entire collection, arrived at the AGO before the show, we had to get it wrinkle free and quickly. We used the Rowenta Pro Compact Steamer to remove creases and stubborn wrinkles that had built up from the previous days’ fittings and travel. This steamer is small and portable, but powerful enough to prepare our entire collection for the most discerning fashion media and magnifying camera lenses.

Safari Pant: The safari pant was a fan favourite. The tailored, body conscious fit demanded a perfectly crisp look. While the Rowenta Focus Iron was a vital tool for the entire collection, its optimized steam distribution was particularly important to keep our safari pant picture perfect.