Music is always inspire the collections and it’ is also a vital component to how our collections are presented. Every season we have a live DJ onsite, mixing the latest tracks for our shows. We were like to have Kevin Bailey on board this season for our Autumn/Winter 2012 show at MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto.

Kevin Bailey  |  DJ

Originally from Kingsville ON, Kevin made the move to Toronto in early 2007. Toronto’s nightlife scene provided a diverse selection of clubs featuring a plethora international DJ’s which allowed Kevin to affirm his love for dancing and house music. With the generous help of a few local DJ’s and club promoters, Kevin quickly learned the ropes and began DJ-ing small events around Toronto’s Church/Wellesley village in July 2009. Since then, he’s had the pleasure to spin at some of Canada’s largest and most acclaimed venues.

Kevin’s sound is crisp and clean, with uplifting vocals and energetic beats. He uses his ability to read and connect with crowds to deliver fun and memorable sets. In the future Kevin hopes to begin producing his own tracks and aspires to DJ at events all over the world.

Listen to VAWK mix by Kevin Bailey |     Listen to the VAWKKIN mix by Kevin Bailey