Here is my list of a 5 essential things that help me survive the cold winter months:


1. Puffer Vest

Best layering piece. Wear it under your jacket for extra warmth, or over a blazer for extra chicness.

2. Epsom Salts Bath

After a freezing day, a long, warm epsom salts bath warms your bones and loosens you muscles.

3. Moneysworth Pro-Tex

All Weather Repellent Snow boots with a suit is not my look. Spraying Moneysworth repellent on my suede and leather shoes allows we me wear my favourite shoes in the winter without leaving them covered in salt and slush stains.

4. Sweet Pure Honey CinnaButter

Nothing warms me up on a cold winter morning like Sweet Pure Honey CinnaButter on my gluten free toast. It is spicy and sweet, but best of all, it is created by a local farmer and my dear friend Stella in Porcupine Plain, Saskatchewan.

5. Laughter

Laughter is best cure for the cold. An evening spent with my closest friends Omid, Jon, Sunny and Liis is always sure to produce a non-stop laughing fest.